Quality assurance

The safety of our products is our top priority. It is for this reason that we carry out continuous laboratory examinations on our products in cooperation with testing institutes and always check that they are legally compliant. This enables us to maintain the desired quality at all times and to act quickly if necessary.

Quality assurance

Goods traceability represents one of the central requirements of quality assurance in this regard. We work closely with our suppliers and are always in contact with them, so that we can also guarantee the quality of our products in the future. Therefore, our suppliers are obliged to comply with our high quality standards by means of certifications.

Alongside product quality, the focus is shifting more and more towards the sustainable use of resources, human beings and the environment. To do this, the elaboration of sustainability topics, such as the continuous reduction of packaging materials, are integrated into our sustainability guidelines.

As your opinion is very important to us, communication with our customers is another key quality assurance task. This includes answering complaints, general product queries, and reviewing suggestions for product improvement.

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