Jeden Tag fresh egg spätzle rated "good" by ÖKO-TEST

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ÖKO-TEST purchased and tested 20 fresh spätzle from the chilled section – Jeden Tag fresh egg spätzle was awarded the overall rating "good".

Jeden Tag fresh egg spätzle

We have provided a detailed list of the test results here:


Zentrale Handelsgesellschaft

Price per 500 g

EUR 0.99

Salt content per 100 g

1.0 g

Pesticide exposure


Ingredients test result

Very good

Colour, taste and mouthfeel

Light yellow, distinct hint of dough, slight hint of egg, slightly salty, very light buttery, distinctly boil-proof

Sensory test result

Very good

Egg origin

Barn eggs

Other issues


Overall rating



You can access the complete test by ÖKO-TEST here:

Test results

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